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Dealloying Webinar

The webinar series started in the summer of 2021 when we suspended the 4th International Symposium of Nanoporous Materials by Alloy Corrosion, planned in Hong Kong. The symposium is now relocated to Bostalsee (Germany), to be held on Apr. 23rd - 25th, 2023.


We plan to continue the webinar series to serve and grow the research community on dealloying and nanoporous metals. Check this page and sign up for updates!


Dec. 2, 8:00 pm HKT; 8:00 am EST;
12:00 pm GMT.


Dec. 2, 9:00 pm HKT; 9:00 am EST;
3:00 pm GMT. Zoom link

We will combine fabrication and modeling for the last webinar of 2021. In the first session, we will hear from Dr. Luhrs about his effort towards robust, functional nanoporous base metals and from Dr. Wada on liquid metal dealloying.


Lukas Lührs
Hamburg University of Technology


Takeshi Wada
Tohoku University 

In the second session, Dr. Geslin will discuss the thermodynamics and kinetics in the phase field modeling of liquid metal dealloying, and Claudia will talk about finding structural descriptors for nanoporous metals via finite element methods. 


Pierre-Antoine Geslin


Claudia Richert
Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon 

More to be announced

Past webinars


Electrocatalysis,    Aug 2nd,  by Yi Ding and Josh Snyder

​​Mechanics,            Sep  7th,  by Hai-jun Jin and Shan Shi

Functions,              Sep  21st, by Jiuhui Han and Zhen Qi

Characterization,   Oct 12th, by Karen Chen-Wiegar, Pan Liu and Sam Welborn

Dynamics,               Nov 4th, by Ian McCue, Gunther Wittstock and Qing Chen

Fabrication and modeling, 

Dec 4rd, by Lukas Luhrs, Takeshi Wada, Pierre-Antoine Geslin, and Claudia Richert



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